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I intend this to be a safe place for people I know to locate information about full aspects of photography as medium for artistic effort. If you came to age outside the darkroom, then you will find labnotes of use. If you think photography is the thing that the camera does, then you will find ideas. If you are looking for Photoshop tips, or camera reviews, you probably should look elsewhere. Ask Google. That’s what they’re for…

an amalgam of three prior sites. Those three sites were brought under this banner in November 2015. One place seems easier. One history. Like a city on three rivers.

It was ‘webionaire,’ originally a site built on HTML — it was just an email service to a small group of people, then it became a perl script providing us with short updates, links of interest, those sort of things that twitter provides. Eventually we changed language- switched to an early CMS, finally moving everything to wordpress code.
[some of that history will be put here. this page will grow by filling in]

I knew people who had a name & more people who have become a name. none of that helped me