Artist Life

Reset the clocks. Run the short loop. Walk the long way back.

Breakfast is grits and sweet potato. Veg sausages and espresso

Off to the garden shop — bags of mulch, compost; no seeds. They’ve already come from online stores. Skip the starter plants. They always tempt, but they never grow as well as from seed, or direct planting in the yarden.

Put prints from yesterday into flatten press.

Into the darkroom. Re-print yesterday’s negatives using softer developer. Ilford Multigrade and 1+9. Simple, reliable. Spend time testing imagery not chemistry.

Prints looking good. Mix scones. Bake scones. Lunch. Rice and yogurt. Start new rice. Back to darkroom

Go to next negatives on list of ‘print for edit’ — always 8x10s. Keep process simple, repeatable. Expand other areas of praxis.

Prints washing. Read some. Avoid the dead-enders, the freezer geezers that dominate the Web Forums.

Set prints drying. Cut veg for dinner. Plot out midnight readings.

Seek out Winogrand Color book? Not published?

Oh, write this and post. Do more. Do more often.

art daily

you know you’re a photographer

you wear a fishing vest
have a beard and belly
use view camera
use spot-meter
use pyro and amidol 
make contacts prints 
try to find the perfect cloud in idyllic spots

a photo is just a photo
-- plumber at hardware store

-- the ten dollar way of saying enlarger

fat mans glue
-- butt sweat on the toilet seat

the point of the place
 --to preserve the past
even tho the past has passed you by.
a past you’re not even part of
never were.