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Separations: start here

notations on making separation negatives. bits from the past intended for today. DS Chrome CN R 25 29 70 G 58 61 99 B 47 47b 98 wratten filter numbers direct seps are easiest, but you create “time seps” as well — trichromie. contact seps are easier than enlarged seps. learn what standard light is…

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Color Separation

— anxiety over the new network of knowledge. Talking before experience: if it sounds right; you heard it from someone who talks a lot, sounding complex, it must be sound. Ilford Ortho+ has excellent darkroom properties: easy to manipulate, wide range of linear response (it is what is used to make standard step wedges), AND…

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Developing Film –

The deeper dive into the way film develops. L.F.A. Mason: approach of the developing agent to the surface of the grain. adsorption of the developing agent to the grain surface transfer of an electron from the developing agent to the latent image sight conduction of the electron through the latent image speck combination of the…

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Gibson: Rodinal + Tri-X

Venerable members of the silver brigade. Marched photography from the hallways to the white walls; from the basement to the main gallery. Art words began to be understood, and refined by photographers during the 60s and 70s. Ralph Gibson was a promoter, a vagabond, a troubadour for photography. Mainly the book, that area he mastered,…

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