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nutshell: Masking

an overview of masks: what they are; what they do. Masking is selective dodging.. consider it a precise, custom, graduated neutral density filter. Masks are most often used this century to alter contrast of B&W film. They also increase local contrasts, thereby altering edge effects making a print appear sharper with more gradations. These are…

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Labnotes–Feb 24

 two ways of minimizing dye bleeding. We always dried our prints on a drum dryer. The other was not to condition paper for more then thirty minutes. Any left over paper was used for test prints. — dye transfer Other notions collected this week Early reference made to Three-color methods and processes with special detail about Jos-Pe…

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Darkroom Note

a mix from deskside. newton rings: pressure of platen beware dirt control humidity Items from a color bibliography designed for those doing assembly processes — either rollup, or laydown forms. Some Name Drops from the dye transfer world: Missing are the many teachers and most of the artists making use of the process between 1964…

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friday: Collected Maybe

many small readings. short hand notes. st/ages of theory: how-to / what / why learning from the hobby lobby means you may never know a reason. you probably won’t ask them questions, after-all, you and they are just hanging onto each other’s opinion. You will never ask where he saw that work. Unless you remember,…

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