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A List from the Past

Note films, paper and chemicals may be sold by a manufacturer who has produced the product under their own brand or alternatively under a brand name owned by one party, with manufacture and packaging of the product outsourced to third parties as well as many permutations of these options. Therefore, this list includes both brands and manufacturers with information (where known) on their current capability.

ADOX (Germany) Brand of B&W negative and reversal films, papers and chemistry. (Film 3rd party commissioned and Agfa-gevaert material) Film conversion/Packaging capability. Resurrecting an Agfa Coater and access to former Ilford Imaging (Marly, Swizerland) coater.

Agfa-Gevaert (Belgium) Manufacturer of B&W Aerofilms & Microfilms. Business to business only.[1]

AgfaPhoto Holdings GMBH (Germany) Brand of B&W films. (Manufactured by Harman Technology)

Bellini (Italy) Manufacture of photographic chemicals B&W/Colour

Bergger (France) Brand of B&W film 3rd party commissioned.[2]

Calbe Chemie (Germany) Manufacture of photographic chemicals (formerly part of Agfa Wolfen/ORWO)[3]

Carestream (USA) Manufacture of photographic paper including Kodak RA4 papers. (Formerly part of Kodak).

Champion (Malaysia) Manufacture of photographic chemicals[4]

Compard (Germany) Manufacture/packing of photographic chemicals (ex Agfa products formerly supplied by Agfa chemical plant in Vaihingen-Enzs closed 2015)

Cinestill (USA) Converting/packing Kodak Motion Picture film without Remjet layer. B&W and Color film.[5]

FILM Ferrania (Italy) Manufacturer of B&W film (using former Ferrania research coater)

Film Washi (France) Handcrafted B&W film.[6]

Foma Bohemia (Czech Rep.) Manufacture of B&W negative and reversal films. Cine film. X-Ray and Industrial films. Coating and conversion/packing for 3rd parties. B&W photographic chemicals and papers[7]

Fotospeed (UK) Brand of photographic chemicals and papers[8]

Fujifilm (Japan) Manufacture of Color Negative and Reversal film, Instant film, Microfilms & RA4 paper. Fuji Hunt subsidiary producing color photographic chemicals.

Harman Technology (UK) Manufacturer of B&W films & photographic papers under ILFORD and Kentmere Brands. Also coating & conversion/packing for 3rd parties. B&W chemicals (produced by Tetenal)

Innoviscoat (Germany) Former Agfa coater. Manufactures film components for other brands, including Impossible Project, ADOX) Business to business.

Kentmere (UK) Brand of B&W film and papers – see Harman Technology

Kodak (USA) Manufacture of B&W, Color Negative & Reversal film. Distribution and Marketing by Kodak Alaris. Photographic chemicals (B&W /Color) and RA4 papers

Kono! (Austria) B&W and ‘Creative’ pre exposed color films.(using 3rd party stock)

Lomography (Austria) Brand. B&W, Color negative and reversal films. (3rd party commissioned with manufacture by Kodak (Color negative) & Foma (B&W))

Lucky Film (China) Manufacture of B&W film.

Moersch (Germany) Photographic chemicals

Oriental (Japan) Brand. B&W film (Manufacture by Harman Technology)

ORWO (Germany) Brand of Filmotec. B&W cinefilms (Manufacture by Foma Bohemia).

Polaroid Originals (Netherlands) (was Impossible Project) Manufacturer of B&W and Color instant film.

Rera (Japan) Conversion of B&W and color reversal film for 127 cameras (using 3rd party stock)

Revelog (Austria) Creative (pre-exposed) color films. (using 3rd party stock)

Rollei (Germany) Brand of Maco Photo Products B&W and Color reversal film. Includes aerial film and microfilms manufactured by Agfa-Gevaert and B&W film by Harman Technology. B&W/Color photographic chemicals

Shanghai (China) Manufacturer of B&W film

Silberra (Russia) Brand of B&W films (Converting/packing Agfa-Gevaert B&W aerofilms)

Slavich (Russia) Manufacture of B&W photographic paper; Micron Division, photographic plates and films.[9]

SPUR (Germany) Manufacture of photographic chemicals

Svema (Ukraine) Brand of Astrum Holdings. Converting/packing 3rd party B&W & Color aerofilms

Tasma (Russia) Manufacturer of Aerofilms. Business to business only.

Tetenal (Germany) Manufacture/packing of photographic chemicals under own brand and for Ilford & Kodak. Receivership in 2018.

Yodica (Italy) Creative (pre-exposed) color films. (using 3rd party stock)