Microsoft Focus

I’ve been speaking to people about their Microsoft factor. Their fear of MS carving out a chunk of their business. Of course deep pockets can hold weapons. But they don’t guarantee the most important weapon. Usually deep pockets hold only more of the same, not a variety.

An example; I overheard a lead at Microsoft talking about support issues and the question arose about a tool for developers. Specifically Office Developers. Those folks who build corporate solutions using Microsoft Office Tools, i.e., VBA Coders, aka scripters. Low on the scale of the Software priesthood. But these are the people that were courted by Gates himself in the early days when he promised ‘VB in every box.’

Anyway, the guru recalled that MS did have a tool for that task, and he recalled it from XP. And thought that perhaps it was around even before then, but he couldn’t recall.

He was right. It was put out originally in the Office 2000 Developer Tools (ODE). And that was only 5 years ago.

And here comes the moral, the lesson, the tip. Those at Microsoft will forget what the market knows. They are driven by the young’s need to build their own sandbox. Like bad fashion designers never certain if satin or cotton is better this year.

Oh, the real caution of this tale. Don’t fear Microsoft, fear your lack of contact with your market. Fear you own ignorance, not Microsoft’s pocketbook.