Explanation To Follow

Sorry, I’m not very clear about the problem. Can you describe it in more detail?

Began a conversation, a meeting I was observing. And I knew that the group probably was, and would be delayed in product plans. The meeting was between the development lead and a marketing support lead, the person that had to sell and install the product at a client.

The difference between details, the actions and results and the abstraction that the the product represented were in conflict. And bringing these two people together wasn’t going to happen with more detail. That meeting lasted two hours. It ended with everyone having an action list with a “responsible for” column. The Excel skill of the MBA running the meeting was impressive.

The next month, I stopped in to another meeting. Same group of people, with some added players. And the SAME TOPIC. As the meeting ended everyone was again happy that we had a plan to resolve the last of the open issues.

That was six months ago. They are looking for a bridge loan to carry them through this wrap up stage with their key reference account.

They may get the money. But their MBA, PhD, MSc from NAME SCHOOLA,SCHOOLB, SCHOOLB, SCHOOLC, won’t pull this off.

They speak english, they just don’t speak to each other.