RB Apps

hxruntime means its a REALBasic app compiled for MAC. This puppy is about 3M and is packaged as part of the RB application on OS X
On Windows with the 2007r1 you will find that bundled within the application is x86runhoudini. This puppy also checks in around 3M. This bundled DYLIB is what makes the REALBasic application so big. Sadly it loads / depends upon items that you don’t use in your application.

I’ve built a test application to compare and contrast REALBasic and Visual Basic (VB6). This was done on Windows XP. Sadly VB comes in smaller than RB. My simple “one button”, “one list box” and code to fill the listbox project weighs in at 3.1Meg for the RB, and 20.4K PLUS 1.4M for MSVBVM60.dll or about 1.4M. This means that shipping a “packed” VB6 app would be faster transit than an RB app.

This doesn’t even take into account the dependencies for the two different apps.RBvVBprojects.pngOn the plus side, most of the RS community develops on the MAC, so VB was never an option. You can’t miss what you never used.

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