CNBC Barber Shop

The barber shop with its mirrored walls is on my mind after an encounter with the CNBC email system. Maybe you’ve sat in a barber chair and entertained yourself by looking into the reflections of reflections. How many copies of copies?

Today I sent an email to fastmoney at CNBC. Their system replied automatically informing me about the vast number of emails they receive and so they may not be … got it? Standard blah points. But, they also have some legalus nonsensus phrases that if I wish to make a submission I should reply agreeing to yahdah yahdah. I did. Guess what, I got a response to my reply. It was the same email they first sent me. Talk about automatic reflection.

Anyhow I’ve since played the game of sending the show an email with a simple hello show. And I also have a bot answering their answer. Its been running a few hours now. Sometime I suppose I will check the count to see how many mirrors there are on the internet