REALbasic Nota Compiler

People, people, please calm down. REALbasic will never be as fast as VB6.

VB6 compiled to binary using the same c2.exe used by other MS languages. What it also needed was the runtime DLL. This factor seems to have confused people into the mistake that VB didn’t compile.

That the runtime is “compressed” into an executable format during REALbasic “compilation” encourages the belief that this is a compiled executable. Consider why your windows application needs OSX anything. Maybe they forgot to clean the floor after assembly. Maybe.
Maybe they just name everything the same. Maybe.
Maybe the slow speed is caused by the large size. Maybe.
Maybe the compiler just ain’t no good. Hmmm, may be, heh.

Perhaps my “never” in the first sentence is too strong, so how about “unlikely” or “when pigs fly, but not before the cows come home.” I hope that is clearer.