A Judicious Proposal

A suggestion to someone in the House, perhaps the Senate, although a House member would be better. I think it time to clear the bottle neck, of legislation and judicial review. Actually, I think it isn’t a bottle neck, it is a bottle cap. The blockages are occurring at the top of the judicial totem. The Supreme Court is holding back justice, costing jobs, as well as raising healthcare costs throughout all the Separate but United States of America. In order to perform better it is time to reform better. Let us start by reviewing the size, skill and scope of the Supreme Court with a common goal of making law cheaper, faster, even perhaps better.

It is time to double the size of the Supreme Court. Let me say that again. More justice requires more Justices. Double the Court to half the time to justice. This will create jobs, reduce healthcare costs and certainly cut out costs.

Double The Courts. Cut The Costs.

More Justices means More Justice for US.