the RAW Stage

All editors are not equal. They all think they are superior. We know they cannot be each superior to the others. Each of us grows to like or become comfortable with one processor, often for the same reason we choose a format or model of camera, it fits.

To become the first choice product each software maker produces a ginso knife, able to do everyting. Each of the DAM tools holds your file and wants to keep it, completely. Meaning they want to be your editor, your publisher, your everything.

Can your DRM use an external editor to process your file?

Aperture ‘managed’ option: there are two choices for where Master Files are stored.
Master Fileis the file as it came from your camera or scanner. This is the CR2 or NEF, maybe a TIF or even PSD. this is the “as captured” data that should not be touched or manipulated. This is the original “chrome” or negative of the process. In Aperture when you do an “import” you specifiy whether the image is to be “managed” or “referenced.” I suggest you use it as referenced leaving the original out there in its RAW original form.