DDX Sweet Spot

Iflord films in DDX have an interesting sweet spot.
Delta 400, Delta 3200, and HP5 can all souped together at 9Min time. This permits an interesting shooting range:

  • Delta 400 at 500
  • HP5 at 400
  • and Delta 3200 at 3200

I often shoot the Delta 400 with an medium yellow filter. This means that if I shoot it at the same S&A as the HP5, the EI works the same. Generally the delta films respond quickly to changes in development. DDX seems to boost shadows faster than highlights, making scanning easier.

Another Sweet Spot

You can also shoot and soup the films in the following sets.

EI 400

  • D400
  • TX
  • TMY

Soup these for 8 Mins.


  • TX
  • HP5

Soup these for 10 mins.

Using this information, you will be able to group your souping, thereby gaining a bit more throughput in your darkroom work.