Why indeed

always good to have unanswerable questions. ‘Why’ is an excellent, at hand, opening.

Why did he kill himself? There are several answers. He was depressed to be growing old while all his models always seemed to stay 21, not least because he felt he no longer had a chance with them. He detested the emergence of digital photography, which gave everyone the impression they were the next Cartier-Bresson. And he doubted the power of his own talents: the National Portrait Gallery failed to recognise him, but would hang a portrait by his 14-year-old daughter Scarlett as soon as he was dead.

from Carlos

Then again, we may be reading more into his death than deserved, just as we seem to have read more into his life’s work than was deserved. He made money off our foley. Con men do. When they fall for their own con, they’re called fools like you.