Better Class of Photographs

classifying print by significant or consequential process result so that an archivist or curator can know what to do to preserve or present

classifying prints by final output.

  • A print: analog, including ‘alt’ non-silver print
  • C print: aka, Type-C. chromogenic color print
  • D print: digital print. replaces calling them giclee, or inkjet or

it may take more than one picture as reference or notation about the exhibition print, but that shouldn’t be uncomfortable to those who have experienced print translations.

  • E prints

what you are responding to is an E-print, a screen image. If that prompts your action then good. Most people say their work is better in person; some so great that, like the face of enlightenment,  it can’t be shown in lesser surrounds. They are wrong. Most work doesn’t gain meaning in physical space – it remains just as dull as most of those online posers whose work would be much better in person.