Don't Follow Directions

It is hard, after years of learning to follow directions, to know which ones make sense, and when.
For instance — your printer head is jammed, or clogged — epson says do a head clean. DO NOT do that. If the printer doesn’t print now, by dumping more ink into the heads, you are more likely to clog more, not less. You need to clear the printer with solvent — a head cleaner.
I’ve been able to bring my black and white only printers this way — don’t follow directions.

I also have an epson 3880 that has been telling me to return to factory for service more than 2 years. I did it once, 3 years ago they didn’t fix it. They replaced it with this broken one, which acts up, but then prints for months without a hitch. They are like old Ford tractors. Meant to be thrown away, yet able to operate for many years passed their wonder yars.