The Large Format Falsehood

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“.. in 1963 … I brainstormed with Steve Jobs and …”
A statement in support of the JC’s understanding of Apple technology, issued as support of his using Wintel machines now. It is accepted, and the forum moves onward. Strange. Steve Jobs wasn’t a precocious child. He was troublesomel yep he was bumped a grade, but so was much of Mountain View. Probably wasn’t inclined to be brainstorming with anyone, let alone an adult. Steve Jobs was born in 1955. You don’t have to be a polymath to know that Steve would have been a child IN GRADE SCHOOL. Jobs wasn’t producing ideas of any use or value for his aura for another 20 years. His job at Atari was an accident. They thought (and Steve didn’t correct them) that Wozniak’s Pong was his.

What does it mean? Not anything to photography, nor art. I offer this (these notes) as advisories — notice to beware hanging on the words of those trapped by their own failures. Their stories and craft knowledge are as full of error, and omission as their life lessons.

why do they need to impress you so much? Afterall, who are you. You journey to the online forums because you don’t know.