Tip: Mechanics Of Photography

the hand processes of photography require hand skill.
Obvious, yet so often unacknowledged by the do’er of the thing. They don’t have a mechanics mind.
I am reminded of two of my teen friends — both became physicists. One, the one who made a greater impact on the world of physics, was a theoretical person. Completely at home with math, with abstraction. He was the last to date. He died early at a house overlooking San Diego. Two infinity pools. One for the sunrise; another for sunset.
The other, a lesser degree from a lesser college, went to work as an experimental physicist — he gave us a glue. He has lived a much longer life, with a modest house in the suburbs of DC.

Both of these people serve as totems for my awareness of 2 ways of knowing/doing. Which goes on top; which on bottom. The numerator or the denominator of your actions.

The assembly processes of photography — carbon, dye transfer — such things are mainly hand processes. The theory can be given in an 8 page handout. Any commercial lab had the details of their lab written on the walls of the lab. We had a blackboard with lab times. Anyone who could read, if they had the hand skills, could walk into our lab and get to work. Dyes by the end of the day.

carbon tip: harden the blank from the back. (think like a mechanic)