Software Aging: Photoshop

photoshop is old. It is the main tool used by digital retouchers, but it is aging, without adequate replacement; without adequate user expectations.

First Trail

Early adopters often adopt a program and strike out to become advocates, teachers of the green. Usually they offer re-heated guides produced by the software developer. Adobe provided training, and guides originaly emphasized the flexibily of Photoshop as an image alteration program. Image manipulation, compositing, these types of things.

To gain more followers, break trail, if you can make it seem new, you will gain clients by introducing something they hadn’t seen. With photoshop that different way was pushed by Dan Margulis. He made a grand, if short, career. As made a career teching and writing, he wrapped his students in the one way to work. That way was based upon restrictions of imaging to a dots on paper way. In short, using his teachings acolytes have reduced their options. Any decision is a reduction in choices.

One way isn’t all ways. Old ways aren’t always