Asking The Question

Ambitious Image

The Prompt: an opportunity happens. You can buy into the dream of your life. More than what you wanted; much more than what you have. A functional darkroom, automated and operational in a commercial space, in a resort town. The cost is small, to a modestly successful business, at only 400K. This amount is less than 2 years of your current income, most of which comes from your spouse who has encouraged your taking the risk. You’ve been in business for 25 years, yet still don’t have a dedicated location, working out of your apartment.

The opportunity was there, before accident dropped it into place; made it obvious. If you are the person who can see this through, you would have seen that. You could have rented property, setup space and conducted workshops, already

most failures are failures of timidity. People tell themselves ‘no,’ at least as often as they tell themselves yes.

Q: Do you really want to do what you say you do?
Q: Is that really your dream; do you want it only as a dream?
Q: What if it doesn’t work; doesn’t make you happy; wasn’t a dream, after all?

Ask The Lost

Asking directions from the lost is a dangerous way to find your way.

Perhaps you need confidence. What do they see that you don’t. Yet, remember their journey; they are halted, not making it far, either.

Perhaps the unasked question is: “how do I get out of this? what do I tell my wife, without lettering her down too much? can I still have the dream, without having to take a chance, and turn it into the dream?”

What You Know

You can’t succeed. You haven’t so far, and since you haven’t changed, your chance of success hasn’t changed; yet you don’t want to let her, or you down.

What You Don’t Want to Know

Did you determine the measure of success correctly? You are asking people who probably have misjudged their path as badly as you have yours. Of course they are going to tell you to go for; that success is certain; and so on. There will be cautions; some showing their experience with defeat — things they’ve had fail. No one will suggest a reversal of direction, since they share the dream, and also the blindspot. Self doubt, but the underachiever’s vanity

Most failures see it coming; they just don’t know that it is because they are calling to it.

What It Really Is

A maybe: you asked them because they won’t talk you out of it; rather, they will admire you, maybe even with a little envy. Another maybe: the answer you seek is: how do I get out of this? What do I tell my wife, so that I can continue my current course. Is there some way, some question, some excuse to save me from dissapointing my wife?