Gatherings of things become a collection only some of the time. The bigger the folder, the more problems it will have. The collection at MoMA is gigantic, but has been collected by curators of consequence — persons with, seemingly, open, honest appreciation of supporting the living working photographer.

We know others by their opinion

I bought the book, partly, as a test of my understanding of the Formulaic response provided by online buff sites. After seeing post on a board where photography is held as a reverence to the National Parks; then reading the linked review of the catalog, I bought the book. Knowing that I’d likely not see MoMA, (I rarely travel east of the Mississippi) the buy seemed perfect.

while not perfect the book is a good compendium; guided selection. I will use this book during my lomo lunch discussions. so, once again, we can be guided by negative reactors, knowing that they reacted without seeing, or thinking about the item under discussion.

They couldn’t be correct, so their opinion could be (was) inverted.

What We Owe

what we want to find– is what we owe the work, as a minimum.

The curators /editors of this volume have announced that it is the first of 3. I will probably buy the 2nd, but am unlikely to buy the third —

A curator has history to understand, revisit, revise –even project. They are editors of the past, and, if they are good, they provide a version usable to the working(growing) artist.