Cy’s Rollei


A very short book — one of many short books published by Nazraeli Press.. this one caught my attention because of my interest in Cy Twombly. 

It answers a question that it never asks:

does the camera make the image (interesting)

Of course not — not even the more famous of the photographers makes an interesting image (Sally Mann.) — that is further example of her limitation — she placed third in a very short race with few rules. Of course, my choice of the ‘good’ shot is because it mimics what I’d have made —

So it goes.digital7532prankster

Photographs by Sally Mann, Rob McDonald and Even Rogers.

I rarely buy a book because of the name, or the title — this time I did, just because I was curious, and because I was tempted by the touch of celebrity: Cy’s

It is a curio book… what you will learn, you will learn from the Rob McDonald link above