Artists Cook

the other table in every artspace- food

artist cookbooks

Cookbooks are aids. Times away from, without leaving the work place. Part of the universal life consists in what you do at gatherings, no matter how small they are.

Imagination never eats alone.

How they differ is what I noticed. “The Photographer’s Cookbook” is the newest. “Beaumont’s Kitchen” the oldest and  seems it, as if from a much longer time ago than it is. TPC, while just released, is also from the past. It was collected during the time of the silver rush, the time photography was growing up and beyond photographers. It seems to pledge allegiance to the past, standing in the shadows of the Grand Museum people.

Even though I own them, they are of only passing use or interest. Probably not of any use to the non-photographer. That is in contrast to the third book.

Studio Olafur Eliasson: The Kitchen

richard.L9816“The Kitchen” is a book that expands cooking in an honest manner, additionally we are provided a possible alternate way of the studio. The creative gathering he hosts is worth reading even if you don’t cook, aren’t vegetarian, and would never consider growing vegetables or cooking for 50.

The differences in these books is great, not just in the printing, but in the purpose. Not just in recipe but in scope of life. The difference in books is as great as the difference in the artistic lives of the contributors — there is an art that is small, a sole proprietor who must have support from a durable entity — the other is free standing, able to be far more inclusive and is. Willingly, it seems.

I wish photography could generate as good a book. A book with clear ideals and uplifting goals.

of the three books, “The Kitchen” is the only book that I would, and have, given as a gift.