Bird is the Wird

An assignment for EXS students in the 70s. This time of the year, thanksgiving break, the freshmen had gotten to the point where souping and printing film was comfortable. they’d begun to acquire a vocabulary based upon the history of art; photography being an extension of realist drawings. As a stretch exercise, I told them this week they would do the dreaded ‘figurative’ work. Since they would be back home, with access to friends not at Syracuse University, they could do a ‘nude’ study.

Several years into the assignment, I got the image I’d always expected: Turkey.

It spread. Next year, the assignment was blown. Everyone did something with a turkey. The best shot though was a group of naked people seated at a Last Supper with the Bird in Full Pilgrim attire. don’t know where she went. I hope she did well

put the camera down

I’ve been doing pictures my entire life. When I was younger, I thought everyone could draw. I learned they can’t; they’re too afraid. Many people make photographs because they can’t draw, yet they want to make pictures, express themselves. It was a while, maybe 3 years, before I realized that the lousy photographs were made by those who were the worst at drawing, those who were most afraid of figuring out what a picture looks like, what a picture is about.

Please, if you can’t draw, are afraid of making pictures, put the camera down and take up golf.