Overnights: Jan 12, 22

the educated
the self educated
literate photographer
how they learned is what they learned
learned to process film
learned to produce film

the lab or the studio
subject matters
in what shadow

Key characteristic of study at art school is learning about other arts - acquiring as much about history and considerations of the image other than the technical.

where education extends to - what is the bound
one set can be taught in military unit or technical school suited to readily replaced personnel.

over. layers of loyalty. skill. influence. placement.

fan. groupie. roadie. air-guitar.

Awake, another one

common ground is comforting ground. We do old things with less attention; a picture makes them stand out. Making pictures is something like making breakfast — stop starving. Feast, even in small bits

Scraps of tape from the holding box from the darkroom. In hand and finished. That paper is gone. Prints were made and sit in boxes. Another isn’t the same as the same as. Every bite is a bit different with every different day.

On my worktable: books atop books, alongside prints, alongside notebooks. I love to compose in compressed space and meanings.