reverse engineering engineering


  • getting to a limited result. opening the black box without releasing the bees
  • software of scanning. rather than the scanner
  • what does a dashboard reveal. between cars. how bout between car and motorcycle, or tractor, or passenger jet.
  • difference in controlling the bare instrument, and the complex one, that is the range of useage of the machine.
  • also true of the camera, analoq vs digital. more power of process in the digital camera than the analoq box camera.

Learning Photography

Making a task hard so it turns into art. OR, the art of fooling yourself

First, let us begin with learning to draw. We begin with the circle. Don’t worry that you can’t draw a circle, no one can; however, you can make a dot. that is where we start.

Make a dot on the paper. See. Easy, wasn’t it. Tomorrow you will make another dot next to the first, just a little to one side and down. Each day continue, making one dot each day. By this time next year you will have made your first circle.

Repeat this for ten years, until you have ten circles. It took a long time. Was hard to do. Required great patience as well as dedication. You may now think of yourself as an artist.

This is absurd, but, it is what most of the weekenders think photography as art is. Long slow tedius. making the requirements of a picture fall second to the art of picturing.

You should also wrap this in phrases based upon: light, vision, craft and such. Of course, nothing that can be seen isn’t based upon those same words.