Fridays. 20/23

‘If the colour is not in its proper place, there isn’t harmony’–Dunoyer VSW salons.

 Mastodon at 17

What is online — much more than is used. Finding something in the great mall may mean going through the trashcans as well.

The trash of forums is put there by people afraid of themselves. they hide something. they use the same methods. somehow, they don’t recognize each other as frauds. the koraks and wileys don’t know their own coinage. Brag in one spot. Learn in another. drop names by innuendo. use words bigger than their understanding. Mistake repetition as meaning. Of course, unchallenged repetition becomes meaning; at least it becomes the story.

what did i find in the trash: tanning developer delta100 =>

He doesn’t seem to be doing that work now, but in 2013 he was. In fact he was using the combination I preferred at one time. delta 100 developed in wd2d+ I too have moved, changed to some other things. Of course delta tans well, at least as well as tmax.

Read Before Burning

most people respond with an opinion before reading the question. Even those who consider themselves polymaths, successes in another field than this hobby.

How does the visual mind grow if it falters at words, the marks of words.

Those instructions/ request seem simple enough. Don’t know why the forum founder chose to post at this time since he is rare poster. Also, why that so specifically. Maybe he is getting a ratings list. How many of which. QTL’s request reads like instruction to business vendors. So, can this loyal group follow the request of their founder; the person they thank so often for his generosity.


First, let’s make corrections to the question.

that seems easier than answering it.

then, we expand on the reason we can’t answer… of course we make certain to bring in another doubter.

…so it continues… They have clarification upon clarification, but no direct answer. I know they don’t see their own failure. Few of us ever do. QT didn’t ask for a ranking, just a reflective selection. He didn’t get to the harder questions, such as: is there a photography — are there artists making photographs —

Photography has moved beyond these doubters. It was pulled there by artists, just as in the beginning: photography was used as an artists tool, first. Like all art/craft systems it becomes a matter of commerce. And there, it lives, or dies.

QTL’s Large Forum is the hangout for those on a handout — the iceberg has long ago sailed.