Along similar lines

Show me yours…
a childish hint, request, taunt, dare…. but it grows up as we do, or don’t.

Artists follow. Creation occurs, recurs, again and again. Lines mix, intermix, widen or shrink into the blank page. No one creates the blank and then fills it in. But what you use, how you use it defines the boundaries of your imagination. Cameras image, they cannot imagine. Which of these cameras is made by a bigger artist?tichy-02.jpg353062211_12bb90eb23.jpg

It sometimes helps if you ask yourself a question. In this instance, I ask myself these question:

  1. Which camera will be more fun to use?
  2. Which camera will make the photographs I want to see, to have?
  3. Which camera lets me ask more interesting questions of my world and the photographic world?Maybe these questions will take you somewhere with the camera you prefer.

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