Failure Of Process: dye transfer

Dye transfer group has been given a jolt. Yahoo shuting off file system groups has been a shake to some of the followers of this long dropped Kodak product: ‘dye transer’

To provide continued discussion, and in hopes of a survivor, someone has transferred the remaining membership to

it will fail, again–

not because he isn’t sincere, but because he isn’t dedicated.

Jim was sincere, and dedicated to the research portion. A technical mastery. He couldn’t keep the group active because most of the members are mere readers; riders on the bus. They never drove– never made dyes.

The dye transfer product was taken on by commercial interests, but it always fails on commercial goals.

it hasn’t been succesful in 3 different companies. It was never a commercial success, even though it made many successful.

those who will do the process are tempted by technical wizardry, but they fail to understand the meaning of magic. They are always after another wand.

you must be driven by internals strong enough to get you over the externals.

what are you prepared to give up, sacrifice, surrender?

so, what do I mean by “failure?” — will the group fail to .. what?

talking about dye transfer doesn’t revive it. talk is a replacement, and an opportunity to brag about what hasn’t been done.

this group has already surrendered to the freezer–

a group that is necessary and useful is one of practitioners, which was provided during the big years of dye transfer. those making prints would gather to exchange imagery.

Pictures drive making — that is the method of keeping a process growing.

Wordsday: 6.19.19

First rule of composition — there are no rules in composition.

everything is related to each other but near things are more related than distant things.

the creative photograph no longer needs an army of defenders

“I paint the way some people write their autobiography.”


You have to look and understand both and looking you understand it’s more than you can describe you look and think and look and think until it makes sense becomes interesting

Donald Judd 1990

The crushing force of time is before my eyes, and I myself try to keep pressing the shutter release of the camera. In this inevitable race between the two of us, I feel I am going to be burnt up.” –

Daido Moriyama

For the first time, between the originating object and its reproduction there intervenes only the instrumentality of a nonliving agent. For the first time an image of the world is formed automatically, without the creative intervention of man. The personality of the photographer enters into the proceedings only in his selection of the object to be photographed and by way of the purpose he has in mind.”

Andre Bazin

The moment that an artist takes notice of what other people want and tries to supply the demand he ceases to be an artist 

Oscar Wilde