New Apple Ships On —

It won’t be this Friday.
Friday the 13th isn’t a likely “available date;” however, the following monday, one week from today. Yah, that sounds like an easy day to hit. IF, intel has come through on their september chips.
Somebody in Austin knows, but that ain’t me.


Congrats Jony and Marc.

—– missed the tuesday ship date.

Oh well. Maybe it’s a texas thing. Shipment in December: “hell, all, it aint january till way next year…”

— update 19th

Hey it ships. So say the press releases, BUT, here comes the fine print:

Delivery In February

Guess that counts as the new apple promise: we take your money, and keep the goods. Or, maybe, it is a Texas thing.

we don’t need no stink in reason; its a holdup