Shipping Film

Heat hurts film. Shipments to the studio come from one of the salt coasts. Temperatures inside the delivery boxes approaches 130F.

My last film order of the summer has arrived. I hope these additional boxes will get me till September, when the shipping heat is much lower.

Notice the expiration dates of the Kodak film. Portra 160 was boxed a month before the Ektar 100. Expiration dates on these boxes is in 2021. These aren’t short date film, yet those life spans seem shorter than in the old days.

That Ilford Ortho Plus is used as a lab film, mainly for masks and as inter-positives. Occasionally, we use Ortho+ as film in a pinhole camera; makes for easier ‘develop by inspection.’ When I process the pinhole negatives, I use 2 developer strengths and a water-bath to control image look.

FOMO: Jun/19

Keeping track of supplies ain’t easy. Yes it is! That is what twitter, instagram do well: keep you posted. It is someone’s job to feed the feed with news about products.

Those links will keep you knee deep in kit. And, you will be ahead of the online gossip gatherings.

Yep, I understand the link to Facebook/Instagram and the Falseword World. You don’t have to publish to read. You won’t perish. AND those seemingly friendly forums are just like the nice folks helping you at the Miami Bus-Station.

Sometimes the thief you see is better than the one you don’t.

postcards of the hanging