Lost in the weed

follow experts so lost in the weeds they'd have you using an industrial weed wacker to clear a 0.09 acre yard.(not enough room for a tennis court)

References from the Golden Age of petrochemical photography.
Camera technique for Professional Photographers, Kodak Publication No. O-18
Large-Format Photography, Eastman Kodak Company Publication O-18e. ISBN 0-87985-771-4

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* Type of camera
* parts of camera
* film holder / use
* lens board / mounting
* focusing / aids
* exposing
* processing
* printing
approach. mode. photography changed in need and use, users
pedagogical mannerisms. 
ask those who told you about focus rules, why those rules fail with movements.
what you are asking, simply, is: how to focus a view camera. Answer is based upon the scene and the seeing.
everywhere or selective somewhere

Free Film

I do love trying different film. But only BW. Just not into color film testing. I spent years doing that; now, sadly there is only Kodak for color negatives. A sad compromise after living with Fuji’s pinnacle of color possibles.

Can you guess that I just returned from a walkabout to find that the film had fucked up. Yep. Well, I had failed to load, to verify the film advancing.

Since I am in new territory I can easily find a roll (120) worth of images in a half hour, so not much time was lost. But I still hate opening the back to find that the counter was only clicking off revolutions, not film frames. The difference between counting and doing. Between theory and practice. Between electrons and atoms.

But then again, that is the meaning of experience. Mechanics fails- human and human made.