A rock,

a stepping stone. Even those I taught for years do not know me.

Bergger — arches base / forte coating

“Nearly a year after restructuring, following a period of receivership, Forte will cease production at the end of this week. This is a real shame. Forte have been producing a full range of graded and variable graded papers, films and chemicals in the old Kodak works in Vac, Hungary since 1922.”

[ Here is a link with an announcement by the company stating their intent to permanently cease operations on January 26th, 2007…

http://www.aphog.de/index.php?option…d=107&Itemid=1 ]

[ The British Journal of Photography similarly reports that the factory is to be demolished to make way for housing (this is exactly what happened to Stirling in India five years ago).

http://www.bjp-online.com/public/sho…ml?page=431015 ]

“At the end of the day, it appears that the land is simply worth more than people will pay for the operation. And it would be unreasonable to expect potential investors to pay a lot for that operation because the plant is somewhat outdated and designed to produce a capacity much greater than they need. In other words, any profit is likely to be modest.”