cindy tanks

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It was utterly in character that Sherman should comment on the project, Guest of Cindy Sherman, by e-mail. I had two questions. Was she ambivalent about the project? What did she think of the idea of taking a critical look at the hierarchy of the art world?
Here is her response: “Well, yes. I was and still am extremely ambivalent about the film, not that I don’t think Paul will do a great job, but that I’m in it. I wish he could tell the story without mentioning me. I thought it could be fictionalised or something. But I told him I didn’t want to participate actively; any past footage he had of me was OK to use.
“This is exactly the kind of thing I turn down all the time. But if anyone should do it, it should be Paul. And I liked the idea that it would be unexpected of me to have something like this made ‘about’ me. And, what the hell, I’ve just turned 50, why not accept the attention and let it take its course. As long as I can dye my hair afterwards or get that facelift people already think I’ve had. When he showed me the footage of his monologue and the clip reel I was completely won over. I think it will be funny.
“I think it will also be an interesting look at the underbelly of the art world, as you said, the hierarchy, from a perspective rarely seen. I’m all for it even though I’ll always cringe when I hear the title (why can’t they take my name out of the title?).”
— Anthony Haden