Changing Times

The gap between film and sensor is growing– At least the gap between users; their viewpoints, and definitions is growing. Sensor based imaging moves toward increasing reasons to replace it. It does this without any advance or change in imagery. Digital provides more images to use for the same old reasons of 20 years ago.

And those weekend filmists, just keep finding ways to hold on to their slow decline in imagination. They, mostly, are in their dottage, but then, they probably work hard at their back office job. Photography is an art rooted in the past; a past framed in easy attitudes.
Most film users of this day are sliding further into the past world of art. The bigger the camera, the bigger the reason to shoot less, talk more. Their big cameras go on big trips to places with big rocks among old places. Not even landscape; these are travelogues.
Asking them to understand what cannot be check listed isn’t possible for these dilettantes of the diaphragm. The good thing is, they have stayed out of the way of sensor shooting, at least until now.
Their world changed: they don’t print film, they shoot and scan. Even their plodding personality has to consider that this is a detour down an eroding road. This is a marginal solution; not even a stop gap at the gas station. No water stop in this shop. By printing digital, they have realized its ease, and similarity to their daily ass work.
Sensors are in their future; that which was in their way, will become their way. Very shortly.
And that is a bad thing for sensor photos. These plodding network clods will soon swell the ranks of the Dubious-Landscapes even further. The more there are, the less there will be to see. These are the people, the million muttons that get in the way at shows. This is the dating crowd, exchanging numbers on napkins.

The gap will widen again, not between film and sensor, but between those who understand and those who just get in the way.