overnight: 122822

durable large camera for harsh environemtn. the bragboards wonder if the person has ever ben to a desert; if he knows how difficulat it is. How they, of many failed efforts weren’t able to achieve much other than thousand posts among fellow footnotes. So they tell him, the new and gone poster to use/ do something else. Or maybe a Sinar.

possible camera is fotoman 

this is link to FM catalog


off this [url]http://camera-wiki.org/wiki/Fotoman_Cameras[/url]

the hobo 


possibly alvandi


of course, something available for the smaller size. https://www.printables.com/model/16309-4×5-camera-for-75mm-lens-and-fotoman-helical-focus

or ” cinema camera cover rain” brings this https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1226516-REG/orca_or_106_raincover_for_select_video.html/


Words are limited, so are photographs. Words have possible definition; photographs don’t.

Amateurs can be spotted by what they try to eliminate. And how.

It is common that they will present pictures with captions. Their captions include technical specifics. The craft, the method used, the specifics of technology are key to their working – to their exchange of common ground. The amateur, enthusiast community is built around the camera counter. What to buy, how much to pay, these are the components of their world. They are consumers attempting to claim makership.

They celebrate their GAS and joke about their wife finding out. Her ignorance is assumed. She is too busy buying makeup to notice my charges.

[posts are in recent to prior order. they are consecutive in time, but different threads.

“don’t like captions that try to influence” ?too arty for his socialization.

“what does that mean” — needed more caption.

Captions, writing on photographs are welcome elements of photography since its inception. But, that of course is among those “arsty” types who are trying to influence my opinion. Do you wonder what network he watches?

Acceptable, even necessary caption examples: “Great shot, very pleasing.” + “Intrepid 4×5 MK4
SuperAngulon 90mmf8” ” “I wouldn’t want it any brighter.” + “Fuji HR-U  D76 1:6 12 minutes”

These are the words of the enthusiast. Somehow they do tell me what to think; what is acceptable; how little thought it takes.

For me, I wish the captions and conversations where brighter. Or at least had even a hint at meaning beyond place and placement.