Film Note: F76+ , DDX

During the cloistered portion of the year, and because I try to buy from more than one vendor, and because I made a mistake, I bought 2 bottles of Clayton F76+ developer from Freestyle.
with a new developer I stick to comfortable shooting. Yes, I do use makers instruction, but F76+ doesn’t list many combinations on its direction label. In these cases I look for similar combinations of film developer. Using that information I build my own best starting times, by basing similar groups of film time as this one. I am assuming that developer activity is gerneraly constant, or at least consistent.

With one-shot this is safe, but if I were using a repenish developer, then this isn’t safe, since film leaves chemicals behind in the developer; not just exhaustion products, but film byproducts. The emulsion and developer blend. We used to ripen film developers by using flim stubs, those leaders and such that are cut from the film, and usually discarded. In the old labs we kept them to ripen developer. Mix developer, throw in a big box of leaders, let stand, remove and discard the film tails. Recall, old timey shooters went through a brick of film in just a few days, sometimes just hours.

I had a few rolls of Rollei ATO that were more than 6 months old. Film isn’t for storing. So I decided to run it through the F76+. I have also been using Delta3200 and putting it through DDX, and F76+. The D3200 results showed DDX (1+4) as more powerful than F76+ (1+9)