Color Separation

— anxiety over the new network of knowledge. Talking before experience: if it sounds right; you heard it from someone who talks a lot, sounding complex, it must be sound.

[ he got the last bit correct ]

Ilford Ortho+ has excellent darkroom properties: easy to manipulate, wide range of linear response (it is what is used to make standard step wedges), AND it makes seps for TWO of the THREE colors. Only RED is missing.

Lesson: as always, look wider, avoid gossip groups.

Extra: the first color photograph was shown before panchromatic, or ortho film was invented.

[getting to separation negatives. more than one way to climb mount Fuji]

finding: Photolab Safelight

information on many stages of the photolab are best found by asking the internet. You may not have a full library, nor have ready access to someone from last century. All the major manufacturers wrote guides, pamphlets, even books to provide you full reliable, useable information about their products. There were also the standard 3rd party references: British Journal of Photography, Photo-Lab Index.

As an example of google search phrase: “kodak darkroom safelight” — along with simple modification to make: “ilford darkroom safelight.”

This took less than three minutes to find and download. Much less time than going to an internet chat-forum to ask what the safelight for MYPRDODUCT would be.

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