Art As Cycle

making art is a process.
many things linked into a thing. Built by stages, the work comes into the world. Most of us think that we have an unreproducable process. Most of those who make few marks, await inspiration, or vacation, before working. Some, those procrastinators, think that thinking is the only stage that matters, so they only think. All fine, for them, but for me, I like dancing with arms and legs, with left and right and with back and forth movement.
I like to fill my life with the making. So I am suprised, even to near disbelief when a Long Time Poster — Moderator — Teacher says:

I tend to develop film once a year-usually over an intense two week period.

What strikes me is how a working artist can work so little, and be an artist with growth. He probably thinks he knows his work so well he doesn’t have to soup it more often.

My cycle is much faster. More revs. More reviews. Much more shooting – souping – proofing – work print — MORE & More Often.
I prefer to see my work grow into patterns, revealing other possible arraingments. It has seemed to me to be like trying to draw without ever seeing the drawing, or by having someone else interpret your drawing … Maybe I’m just too enthralled with seeing what I’ve made. Seeing it along other work — mine and others.

Studio time and study time are major parts of the creative cycle. Be as cautious of following a person who has no drive to complete their imaging, as you would a dance instructor who prefers to hang out at Taco Bueno discussing shoe laces