Making Film: Subbings

Kodak’s ‘corona’ people where: Yost & Heidke — US3582333 as example
Yost & Willison — US3573916 as example
back around ’12 there was a corona discharge unit made by DIY — posted on YT
corona discharge has short utility as subbing — 24hrs or so. 
3M patents show using the corona to get the subbing started — 
— charge it
— coat with your gel+ components that aren’e light sensitive. this permits you to store a subbed roll for use later

corona discharge causes coating (partial reversal) problems in color materials if they are coated soon (an hour) after being charged. a Yost patent discusses.

an earlier, more fundamental approach is in
 PHOTOGRAPHIC FILM SUBBED WITH HARDENED GelatinGale F. Nadeau and Clemens B. Starck, Rochester, N. Y., assignors to Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, N. Y., a corporation of New Jersey Application September 16, 1939, Serial No. 295,268

Debunk: Who Made Matrix film? An absurd answer: US Military (army) . That is foolish; the military doesn’t make anything. Not the US military. They may contract for it from some private firm, such as Kodak, or Defender, or ANSCO, or DuPont, but they don’t make anything — not even bullets and boots.

Kilborne made CCA (Tampa) matrix film. Later, they coated Dr. Patterson’s (DTC; Houston) orthomatrix. It had too fine a grain. Matrix film should be a cubic grain, irregular distribution sizes for easier tanning. Defender /DuPont was an original maker of matrix emulsion. Technicolor purchased from Kodak. Fuji made matrix film .

Namedrop: Bob Pace. In NYC he printed for Penn; later he was at Graphic Process Co. (Hollywood) and Pace Color Prints. Then, at Frog Prince (San Francisco)

One place of learning: High School of Printing (49th Street)

Divided Developer

bulletin boards have sections and sub-sections like an endless sales list– down into parts list– the way some part of the web was built. The bulletin boards.

The photo forums segregate as well. this camera, that camera, by size. Cause or attraction.

When Merg and Friends attempt to discuss, they defer. They await another gathering. They want the return of something. Perhaps the better nature of a prior century. Perhaps the Academy or the Salon. An authority to provide rankings, structures of value. Some way to say that this is a work worthy of more attention than that one. Something to study. To put into the study. To have others study.

stumbling over words. Pick an answer from your world. Or skip the question Mr

you seem to be able to load your own work into a forum divided into categories… even expressing “like
for images like you own.

The salons provided the list of categories: LandscapePortraitureGenre-ScenesHistory, and Still Life. As well, they gave us a ranking system: (1) History Painting; (2) Portraiture; (3) Genre Painting; (4) Landscapes; (5) Still Life.

These guidelines came from the assumption that they reflected the inherent moral force of each genre. Beauty is a moral message.

Or, if the categories you seek are based upon formal, rather than subject, Freart provided:

  • invention
  • proportion
  • colour
  • expression
  • composition

Liking things that are like you; not uncommon. We rarely see beyond our shadow.

there’s nothing worse
than a sharp cliche of a fuzzy idea

nothing worse than a cliche from someone else
a stolen cliche
value judgements/ justifications, usually negative
to distinguish himself from you. to stand apart. you are meant to stand in awe

they think they're talking to the ages. they aren’t. 
they’re just talking to the aged

// making it simpler: only 2 even read the question