Hob Snobbin Large Format Style

Denny’s house of quits, bungles, booze — grand slams. An exploration in quits and stays.

So long. Been less than great.

The thread includes appearances from the main character types on the grand slam Large Format Forum. The main actor, the prompt for yet another caution post is the man who can’t afford photoshop cause his company doesn’t pay for internet.

Drowning my sorrows. 

snobby hobby

The cobbler bench of the dread thread.

Only one person said goodbye; took no offense. The others piled on like locker jocks at junior high. Of course the moderator proclaimed his effete status. Top of the heap of the snobby hobby — holding his glass atop the fat leg. Gotta love the selfie-ness of his life. Just another privileged consumer who should be exercising their legs instead of their privilege; their ego existence.

The burst responders provided:

Apparently not here, since I reported the OP two minutes after it went up with the suggestion that his whining “grand exit” post be deleted. Since Oren let it stand, I suppose he decided there’s more value in emphasizing the rules than hiding violations of them.  

by Sal Santamaura

A person who needs definitions is also one dependent upon rules — verified, enforced. If you, the owner’s agent won’t do it, it falls to me the wandering poster.

Who remains?

The end game is a swap shop at the end of the hobby. It is run by Moodle managers, redundant Government contractors, engineers that became ‘special project’ managers. These are the gatekeepers.

what remains. who

the ash. the residue. is inactive. but the key of the  gathering. the structure revealed by stress.

skeleton begins with the first bone

when he quit, they were angry. Why? He said he didn’t fit; that statement brought out the gang in them — Why become angry because someone chooses to leave you. Are you that lonely; fearful that you are losing air; power; influence?

10 years ago, when someone left, some of the group reached out. A decade later and the swap meet kicks over the sale sign and shouts at the poster. Then, they return to their congratulations about the exclusive knowledge, craft commitment and pride of honor for carrying the Great Analog Tradition. Art for the Weekend. Art on Vacation. Triumph in Retirement.

Paths to Burnout

Going down that path is troubling and offers little visual language that hasn’t been thoroughly cliched. They are not printmakers, they don’t have the mindset for it.

Many of the amidol, silver bullet seekers don’t actually have anything to say, so their commitment to endless mixing, measuring each life out in milliliters is just a diversion. Small changes. Wasted.

If you are young enough to be looking at the darkroom as an alternate means of photographic discussion, beware thinking it will provide you with a more enhanced vocabulary than you may already have with digital accomplishment.

Over the recent past I have spent too many hours reading, and even further time and money wasted to visit the current loud silver photographers posting on the darkroom forums. Their work is limited in theme, visual vocabulary is regressed. It is as though they never realized the 30 years during the explosion of acceptance of photography by other artists.

people become diverted, then lost, then bitter, remorseful; until they hangout in forums complaining that they never made it because they were too skilled in craft and the world has become cheapened… etc. Read Photrio, Large Format, etc and you get the picture. Actually, you won’t get the picture -you have already seen them in travel and postcard shops, or at the annual wine and cheese fest.