Used Equipment

amateur darkroom… light use, high abuse.

That is the problem with other people’s equipment. Most amateur darkrooms were in little use spaces, clutched out of other space in the house. They sat unused for most of their life, so they found themself in unheated, uncooled space, subjected to large temperature, humidy changes. Furhter, they became collectors of clutter, home to mold, the old, and forgotten projects of the amateur. A home for lost hobbies.
And that debris now appears on Craigslist, and ebay as ” antique — collectable — ”
It should, mostly, be labeled as recycle at your own risk.
I’ve picked through too much of this dead man’s treasure to be fooled by glittering words— most hobbiests took very poor care, and their heirs took even less care with it.

Lifecycle of inheritance

Store it. Ignore it. Sell it.
buyer take care. It won’t cost much. It won’t do much. It won’t last long.