Slavich Arrives

Samples Arrive

the paper arrived this past friday. I had some other work to get out before getting round to some tests of this paper. It came from Los Angeles, the distributor/importer. Packaging wasn’t good, but I never expect B&H packaging to be as good as Freestyle. Although, since this was a drop ship order, I had hoped they would send it packed as though they understood how to pack light sensitive paper.
It just came in a blister pack — as though it were a catalog, or other advertising material intended for perusal and discard. This is what happens in shipping:
Can’t blame the carrier, these breaks and folds are because the packing doesn’t hold the contents tightly. It wasn’t even a padded envelope. I don’t know what I will do if the paper turns out to be a winner. Seems dangerous to consider ordering a large quantity that may not be packed properly for shipping.
Included instructions. They also include formulas for developer,stop, and fix baths. This is thorough tech data.