Kodak Continues Collapse

Kodak is in decline — there is nothing you will do to save them, nor slow their collapse.
The Lost Film Forum cries — and nothing else. LFF is unable to do more than rend and wail — Kodak is leaving — they are in market zombie mode — walking, but walking off stage.
Moves are displayed and distributed digitally — no more shredded sockets. The Kodak production of film has fallen, not a little, not in half, but to less than 6% of what it was 7 years ago. And that was such low volume the company was on the edge extinction.
16 movies in the pipeline isn’t enough to save this beast — it will starve — and the keepers of the fire will sell off the remains as brands, maybe some notebooks.
If you like the film, buy some — if you are committed to using film, try others — do that now.

stop buying expired film, or film will expire

to renew growth, buy new