Durst – asking for instructions

Searching the web is easy; too easy. Getting answers is easy, also, too easy. The correct answer is rarely as easy as the online experts make it seem. Google catalogs the words, it doesn’t have a knowledge engine, so can’t access how valid the website is. The assumption of links, references is that more links, more use, means that it is correct. Actually, it means there is a popularity rank to that site. There is a path, a cliche of words. The error of this is circular. More and more seekers are sent to the tent at the end of the well travelled path.

Another example has played out on Large Format Forum:

I asked and was told assembly was “really hard”

as it turns out, it is actually quite easy. Needing only one person, a 24mm socket wrench and knowledge. Reminder, these enlargers were sold without installation support. Photographers with limited mechanical skill put them together in basements, garages all across Europe and America.

the answer:

 put the carrier on the column. 
Because of the spring, turn the main screw  on the left of the arm) to the left, holding it tight, so the weight is released allowing it to be easily mounted. 
Next, lift the (now released of tension) smaller clamp and place it on the lower column, 
turn the big screw back to the right.
 You have a functional baseboard lift mechanism.

Simple enough. So, why does a website that takes pride in keeping analog photography alive, as well as having an elite gathering of knowledgeable sharing avid photographers often (always?) the answer wrong? We already know why you are sent there. google just works that way.

Simple Facts: the thread that gave raise to this example went on for 5 pages, protracted over 9 months. The participants were ones most often seen answering questions on Durst and other darkroom equipment. They post on photrio, as well. Just gathering a rough count shows over 750 threads concerning Durst enlargers on Large Format Forum. That is a count of threads, not posts. That is a whole lot of ‘text’ to get through to find much of value, much of immediate use to someone setting out on a darkroom practice.

Who answered? A German company that refurbishes enlargers.

Overnights: 2.5.21

jumbles from my dye folder

  it has passed you.. is beyond you    you lacked the dedication, the skill, imagination, maturity and self awareness, .. something was lacking  you’ve become bystanders to your own history channel    neglect, ego, and freezer burn  you’ve killed off new growth by over-harvesting the patriarchy's  platitudes  
////  ctein was a high profile, low production, solo printer... rocks, rockets and rockers  with a few hundred prints  similarly, charles cramer, also well know, has said he made around a thousand prints, mostly reprints of a few popular images. 
 \\\\\      cycle is same, with final stage being those who remain no longer make new work, even additional work. the entrants are quick exits.      become sclerotic, deadened vision and lost haptics    some generous, others not so, since they seem intent on recovering from a lifetime of failure.    posture and bark out claims of authority when all that is needed is show over 
///say  the next dye transfer printers don’t go to Yahoo or Groupio for a reason: no applicable information. there are now, new teachers: capable of demonstrating a hybrid operation; one without 3 types of non-made film, ie, pan highlight, pan mask, separation 1, as well as matrix film  OR matrix in gecko manner. 
///     particularly the high post, low print personae    
====  buy to test  buy to store    
==== buy to freeze: frostographers  
==== buy to test: analographers      
===  tiers of .. action v commitment. knowledge community.. density of terminology.  
what gallery layers exist,  like sport teams? 
athletic measures  local —> global —-> record book