A Lens is a Lens, Right?

PranksterNotes lens
Just because it mounts, and it covers a sheet of film, doesn’t mean it was designed and optimized for enlarger use. Even though there are many more process lenses available in large focal lengths, they aren’t the optimial version for use in a large film enlarger. Not if you are doing color, or working to maximze sharpness while controlling contrast of the print.

This is another one of those times when direct working experience of best practices from the now dead old days would help. However, if you have money to spend, and time to waste, then get that process lens and use it as an enlarger lens. You could also buy cheap macro camera lenses and use them. Play with reversal rings,,,, extensions tubes and bellows. Hell, you can have a grand old time learning, and playing scientist. In the meantime, your stack of interesting imagery never grows — but at least you can chat nonsense with the fictional boyz club at the virtual watercooler.