Don't Do That

don’t do what?

according to the combined internet forum intelligence, you must not ever, no way, no how, get an inkjet print wet.
After spending enough hours with the netjobs, I thought it might be better to test their advice, again. This is a print that had been tossed into the soapy dishwater. I did the same experiment a few days ago, and wanted to test again, this time with different paper, same epson ink.

inkject in soap suds

The soap suds run right off the print, as if it were an RC color print from last century. I dried it in the sun, yep it has drying marks from the dirty dishwater it was in for about 5 minutes before saving it from “certain destruction.”

don’t do what?

don’t believe the nattering neybobs of the large forums

Roll your own, don’t suck the pipe from a stranger.