The Photo Forum

They limit growth, by limiting topic depth.
By assuming fixed definition, they assure limited opinion, and reduced growth of knowledge.

  • Luminous Landscape — must be about landscape, with emphasis on…
  • Large Format — size of film used… extended to size of camera used. Size is the only thing that matters.
  • APUG — soup to soup. All about Using Gear
  • GetDPI — digital. the alternative to LuLa. For those who can’t standup under the technical prowess of salesmen

The common posters, and the moderators are picked to manage the reduced understanding of photography. As photography has become thekey medium used by artists since 1960, the followers of the Forum Way, have a narrowed view of the power of imagery. They also consider belittling art their favorite chest pounder.

The constant commenters fail to achieve independence. Regrettably, their failure retards the growth of those passing by

Their limitation, limits you.