Overnight: Bots

Large Format Bots

the blimp that is LFF arrived. Since I can see readers I noted that members of LFF visited. What is most interesting: the number of BOTS that slurped my shores. Of the ~40 visitors, 3 were bots. 

like music in an elevator
there to cover the silence... like picture hung in a lawyers conference room.. unnoticed wall covering
need to associate, seem to be associated so you are elevated among peers.
a method or an image model
bullies welcomed
when they say what you would
when they bully for you
they bully the others

easy when the others are dead
or not here
can't hear

Guides to Other Land

as we divide, we find ourselves in groups gathered behind different dead. This can be illustrated with tales of two deaths – who notices, how, why.

Some deaths are noticed widely – even by those who did not know the person. Who you notice in death, who makes an absence also made a presence in your life; made a contribution to you even though they may not have known you, acknowledged you while they lived. These people are likely your guides – your markers.

We can know a group by noting who they notice even more than what they talk about. In major matters of life the ends of are the points observed and commemorated. Deaths are noted with encomiums – some sincere, some superstitiously just noted with RIP.

Simultaneous “worlds” of photography operate with relative autonomy. Sociologists and communications researchers studying photography have revealed distinctive spheres of activity in which work routines, photographic styles and evaluative standards differ sharply (Becker 1982; Chalfen 1980; Christopherson 1974a and 1974b; Musello 1980; Phillips 1982; Rosenblum 1978; Schwartz 1983)

Robert Frank  (November 9, 1924 – September 9, 2019) 

On the day Robert Frank died, much of the artworld was publishing obits, showing photos of gatherings at his New York studio. As social networks sprouted tributes ranging from selfies to full scale ZZZ the other world talked of lens standards and standardized images.

Film Forum topics 9.9.2019

Bruce Barlow (June 9, 2019)

They get as far as a Workshop. Characteristically they don’t notice the death of their other online counterparts.

The artworld notices one another — the Snobby Hobby notices the price of cameras.