O’Keefe Cooks?

okeefeKitchenA Painter’s Kitchen: Recipes from the Kitchen of Georgia O’Keeffe Paperback use pre formatted date that complies with legal requirement from media matrix – August 16, 2009 by Margaret Wood


O’Keefe on cooking is one of the funniest ‘cook books’ ever. Not intentionally, I think, but it is in its content. The recipes are spartan, and often leaving much more to the imagination and ingenuity of the cook than most cookbooks. This is certainly not an escoffier, nor a Betty Crocker mannered book. None of the books of my previous post on artist cookbooks is as open ended. I suspect this is a revelation of lifestyle as well as art ages. Perhaps it is a revelation of the mind of this particular artist.

A Recipe (of Life?)

choose several fresh leaves, those of best size. season to taste.

And So

I think that all actions of a creative person have pathways in common with their aesthetic path.

Many paths up the same mountain.

The recipe replaces the ingredients. The fewer ingredients the better they must be, to satisfy the diner. Most seasonings are elements that consume the ingredient, the main content of the dish, covering its taste with reciped flavor – taste made standard.

This kitchen book, I choose to call it that instead of ‘cookbook,’ leaves much to the kitchen of the reader-preparer, as does the best of art- art that lives within your aesthetic life.