Baltz – Brief Read


Views enlarge what they engage. Whenever primates look in one direction, they see two views, one through each eye. The camera blocks parts of the world; words the other.

“Untitled” Baltz : (1974 ) first published in  Image volume 17 number 10 June 1974 . George Eastman House. This was published the year before ‘New Topographics,’exhibit held at Eastman. In this short essay of 8 paragraphs Baltz provides summary estimates of “typical” industrial sites; where, why, how. Reading it all these years later, I don’t remember it from then, though I subscribed to Image, there is a desolate tone. And, the final paragraph does offer a (mild) condemnation, as well as an erroneous assumption about likely economic actions.

“Panegyric” Baltz. The praise is of Larry Sultan, from the “Larry Sultan” book. A brief, but strong statement of appreciation of Larry as the person. Recalling time with Larry, Henry Wessel, and Baltz playing racquetball; avoiding talk of their different work.

These are pieces of Lewis Baltz, discovered as I was looking for something else. I knew Larry – I went to school at SFAI in the same class as him, Mike and 6 other people.

I never knew Lewis Baltz, but feel I know much more about him now. We are lucky he left us so many words.

  • Sultan July 1946- December 2009  (aged 63) cancer (wife Kelly)
  • Baltz September 1945- November 2014 (aged 69) cancer & emphysema

ISBN-10: 1934105295 &  ISBN-10: 3735600697

Eat your vitamin A, C, D, exercise doesn’t prevent cancer.