Online Photography Hangouts

Invisible Friendship

Anecdotes of the society of pretenders. Results of informal, and commissioned studies of online social exchange groups concentrating on inter edge exchanges — technical, aesthetic gaps.

Do invisible friends aid or hinder visual skills enough to augment an artists growth? Is their surrogacy an adjunct or obstruction to your teaching?

who starts; who quits; who stays — what they need; what they get. If there is growth — increase in ability or understanding— in which dimensions?


The key reason for staying is assumed influence. stays are: dependent learners, dominators, or authoritarians. those who stay, stay because they have no other place.. no choice, nowhere else to go, no one else to form connection. this is their last best place, you are their key friends, or so they imagine. The key reason for quit is growth beyond the group’s continuing evolution Most groups do not grow. To remain active, they need a large number of new entrants.


Notes: example forum tale is this