Walking Againward

getting to your past work. And then

this is another multi delayed post. I liked the title. wrote it down, then forgot what I’d wanted it to be about. Happens too often.

While digging through last years work, I noted many that could fit into much older carts so put in the sub-head: getting to your past work.

A week passes and I’m thinking about carry cameras and how they may need permits someday. More importantly I’d discovered a very old note of mine with: Small Camera is the Big Invention. Whereupon I made a picture of some of my carry cameras.

The 3 cameras – 2 are film cameras. The one at the bottom (with a screen) is digital. It is the only camera I still use. The film cameras are no longer used. Film isn’t available. Not new film.

Odd, isn’t it, that the supposition of film is forever, digital is transient, subject to passing fashion doesn’t survive a simple againward glance.

  • minolta 110 (1976 – 1979) – I used this camera for several thousand rolls of film. The flash on it is a Nikon strobe which served to guarantee my night-time excursions would provide negatives that startled
  • cannon elph (1996 – 2002). Used APS cartridge system. Many hundreds of rolls.
  • sony cybershot (uses JPEG – format first used in 1992, 25 years old now) JPEG is used in medical imaging so will probably be around for many more years.


Don’t be so sure of your past until you’ve lived it.

Don’t rely on someone else’s prescription for your process