your chances

of being known are bounded by who you know.

do you and yours talk about how to mix, store, dilute developer? is your time spent discussing means and methods of craft? is this balanced with shows you’ve seen; books, music, food… is the food crafted or thawed.. how much of your life is spent trying to impress others with your knowledge is a measure of how little knowledge you have.

creative life means a style of life; one which encompasses those arround you. much of the sidelined, the hobby crowd, those people are stranded because they never new what to think about. they weren’t able to sustain their own inner drive, so they persued engineering, or accounting.

I used to tell students that if they didn’t find it easy to work endlessly, then their money would be better spent opening a hot-dog stand outside a bank instead of in art school. Less risk and probably the same level of satisfaction. Earn money to buy someone else’s art.